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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 6, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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12k3w4re6r7b89s. >> good evening everyone welcome to al jazeera america i'm john siegenthaler. >> pulonium poisoning. authorities say that is what killed yasser arafat. selling healthcare. the president ease message in state where millions don't have any insurance and no insurance exchange. >> rejecting labelings. >> what voters in washington state say they don't need on irvegetables. >> and plus twitter tweets big news. >> the company goes public in the morning and says it's worth billions.
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>> and al jazeera exclusive tops our news tonight. it involves a nine-year-old mystery concerning the death of pale leader yasser arafat lab tests conducted by a team of swiss scientists have concluded that the world leader was poisoned by a radioactive substance called pulonium. his body was exhumed a year ago regarding a investigation. >> first they found a high amount of pulonium in yasser arafat's clothes and now they have found the radioactive substance in his bones the swiss scientists published this report after an exhume aches of his body in last september. he has poisoning with 83% confidence. they received their results from the lawyer and analysis from the prefessor o of forensic science.
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if i whats a judge and jury this was absolutely stone cold certain. this is beyond any doubt in my opinion it was pulonium that caused the death of yasser arafat. >> for widow and daughter it's is 00% proof. >> when they came with the results, i'm mourning yasser given i will not stop. me and my daughter will go to all courts, in all over the world to punish who did this crime. >> now that i have proof that he was poisoned i feel relief. the final closure will be knowing who killed him and the motive and the ambition behind it. >> more than 40 years of research have given scientists the active mumma pulonium in th.
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what was found in arafat's bones was the highest amount ever found. the amount of pulonium in yasser arafat was 00 mgb. and that is 18 to 36 times the average city pend on th dependie literature. >> ithe soil had been condam tam contaminated. and it confirms through d dna testing 1-6. the poise onnin poisoning is at. these confirm the poisoning put forward last year they found that his blood and urine stains were contam contaminated with pm
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210. they were livedded from the clothes he wore in his final days. but the latest test was on arafat's flesh and bones. the samples were taken latest year three teams took 20 samples 50e6. each. the r a al jazeera has relesiond the swiss results. the rushianrussians results havn made public of the and there was a team in fractio frank. th -- plans. france and the we is whether they shift the case to the international criminal court. and perhaps mrs. arafat and her daughter will see suspects brought to trial. and learn once and for all not whwhat killed yasser arafat, but 00 'who.
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>> why is are arafat was -- yat was a man of contra decisions. h contradictions. >> for four decades yasser arafat embodied the cause. some saw him as a free free domm fighters. >> yasser arafat found data d f. the plo and it's off shoots launched military actions and including bombings and shoot". shootings. one staged the kid napping and murder at the munich olympic games. >> over the last 20 years he slowly gave away to bi dip low . together they have edg emtraffid weathereemtraffic andembarkedto.
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they shook hands on the white house lawn in 1993. but promising a new era for the fotwo peoples after a decade of conflict. they were to remove troops from the west bank and the gaza strip for the for them to beself gove. soon soon after h after he retua for the first time in 23 years. it became clear a half centrery of war and mis mirsz mistrust we easy to o over come. each side blamed the other for not following through with the accord. another inf infatatda.
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israel laid siege to the compound. by 2003 they shrou vowed to remd from power. there he fell ill. 13 days later he died at the age of 75. >> all right. ari worked in the state department as an advisor on middle east afairs. he is now at the trueman national security project and he jones us now from washington. welcome. >> it's a pleasure to be with you what significance do you attach to this report by the swiss scientist? >> it's an interesting report and force feelings it's a important historical issue the reality is when we look at the situation now in the middle east and the ongoing negotiations in many resuspect resuspect he resd
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news. >> you have had the situation in syria and it's not clear what effect if any this it has on those larger ishimoto use. larger issues who could have killed yasser arafat? >> in the report there is it's not entirely clear he was killed. but let's say he was killed. it could indeed be anyone. i'm not an expert often pew lobe yum and a lot r number of state and non-state being a tours could have carried out a poisoning like this if it was indeed a poise onning. >> again mow activity could be difficult for different actors. it's hard to speculate. someone like arafat who was a word historical figure wh had at
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of enemies from a lot of places and potentially they would want to do him harm. >> the other reports conclude the same thing that arafat had been likely killed by pulonium. that tells us someone was after him, but not who. exactly. erchltsd i think the reality is twofold. one you would have to have a independent and international legal investigation into the issue. and if you did, the reality of the conflict of the middle east won't be wide. did may not be widely accepted and it's unclear to what result the investigation would ultimate matily have. matily -- what is pulonium.
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it's the ultimate assassins weapon. a agent died in 2007 of pulonium poisoning. and his case showed us how tiny quantities of the stuff can do dangerous stuff to the bod. body. it's only when you ingest it it begins to do damage. the alpha radiation attacks your organs and chut o shutting themn and then your white blood cells fall off. why didn't they check him when he died. it was not part of the standard
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collect list. >> check-list. >> even if you were to expect radiation poisoning a typical geiger counter would not pick up the radiation. who could have done this? >> really almost any industrialized nation has a certain amount of access to pulonium. but in tiny quantities. >> but for someone to gather enough to do harm to somebody would require deep connection ex-s anex-sex-saround center mo. >> in washington state the voters have rejected a ballot initiative regarding agai labelf genetically modified foods.
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>> the nay eas's say this one is over, but the yeah's say not quite yet. what they are counting on is king county. own three counties are approving this initiative for mandatory gmo labeling. and one of the counties is kick county. it's what drivers th drives thel bus in the state. gmo labeling is being approved here by a 12% margin. so the support earn the supportg that the votes can draw them even and draw then ahead. the associated press says this is over. this is a mail in election state. >> and a lot of ballots in the process of coming in and a lot of ballots to be counted and the potential that support this initiative want to wait and see
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a few more numbers coming out of that ballot counting before they concede defeat. >> good evening, everyone. the storm behind me is super storm. there are no changes with the intonesty of the storm 173 miles-per-hour winds right now. >> this is the strongest tropical system in 2013 to have formed. and the gil philippines have not seen a storm this strong make land fall null 2010 of and we had a typhoon that made landfall and did killed many people. this is where the track is supposed to happen and go. we are looking at a landfall friday morning local their time
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in the philippines. right about here on the eastern certainlcentral part of the phis there. it's track being to the west. this is making land at high tide. and the other factor here is the storm is also taking place to the north of the area that saw an earthquake last month. >> all right, kevin. thank you very much. sosus rocket is ready to take off. the astronauts are heading to the international space station. and olympic torch. >> and we have lift off. lift off of the soyus rocket. >> on board a olympic torch for the 2014 winter games in the
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resort town of so she. sochi. now for safety reasons, obviously that torch is not going to be lit, but it will be taken on a space walk on saturday and you can see at the bottom of that space craft and at the top it's painted with the colorful artwork and the olympic go. logo. it's going up with a torch from the olympic games and it will be. >> a beautiful law launch 45 sed since lift off. that torch will be part of the space walk on saturday. >> the dow finished the day up 3130 points to reach an you a time high. high -- to reach and all time high. traders are looking forward to tomorrow's initial public offering at twitter they are pricing ipo at $26 a share.
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twitter is expected to raise $1.8 billion. >> twitter's initial public o everythinoffering is so hot thee been trading it before it's on the market. the deal is called the second secondary mare death. mare -- secondary market. this is a losely regulated part of the invotement world. reserved for institution investors and private firms and hedge funds. individuals can play, but they have to consistently earn 200 200,000 a year the second market cree yatecreates a customized oe
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exchange, where employees can log on and say what they want to he sell. everyone gets paidar the shares are showed 'sold. >> i'sold. >> -- shares are sold. if you ar want to look at a comy that does 6 650 5 5060 aloan foe investors that can get into the deals of there are also big riskings. >> take facebook for example. before the company announced they were going public. shares on the second arabry ara- secondary market. the ipo price was 38. and then on the secondary market twitter has been trading between 27 and 3 $32 a share. once they go public all
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investors are stock holders. and the scc started taking a hard look at secondary markets as the activity picked up in the years before pace beak went public. public -- facebook went public. they misled investors and pocketed disclosed fees and commission. >> this is a totally liquid market and very little publicly available information. quite often you have no history of reported e. >> for it's part second market says it requires firms to make audited financial yale statemeno buyers and have seen incredible growth. deals are up to 67 percent last year. >> when you work hard sometimes there is not enough time to eat.
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now some young pa entrepreneurs think they have the answer. >> take a look at these live pictures from space. they just took off from cha kaz. and inside is their mascot. and head gd ad for the olympic space stationy will be taken on a space walk on saturday. 3703700 miles-per-hour they are heading up into space station. we'll be back after this. s on inside story, we bring together unexpected voices closest to the story, invite hard-hitting debate and desenting views and always explore issues relevant to you.
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>> al jazeera america is a straight-forward news channel. >> its the most exciting thing to happen to american journalism
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in decades. >> we believe in digging deep. >> its unbiased, fact-based, in-depth journalism. >> you give them the facts, dispense with the fluff and get straight to the point. >> i'm on the ground every day finding stories that matter to you. >> in new orleans... >> seattle bureau... >> washington... >> detroit... >> chicago... >> nashville... >> los angeles... >> san francisco... >> al jazeera america, take a new look at news. al jazeera america... >>introduces... "america tonight". >>a fresh take on the stories that connect to you. >>grounded. >>real. >>unconventional. >>an escape from the expected. >> feeit's the first time in 30 years the supreme court is dolindealing with church versus
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state. >> at issue is whether christian prayers are appropriate at the start of public meetings over overduring every meeting starts witwith a prayer. two people sued saying the prayers are a violation of first amendment. >> as a minister it's my prayer that the justices will up hold my constitutional right. it's not permissible for the courts to regulate the content of the prayer. the lawyers of the plaintiffs argue that the prio prayer was t the issue it's just that it invoked a certain rewill i go . justice antoneand i september
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kel kel -- earlier i had a chance to speak with the two plaintiffs that filed the original lawsuit. one of them, linda stevens says things have changed under new lealeaderleadership. >> i have lived in gezehegne gr0 years. and up until the town supervisor came into office the town meetings were opened with a moment of silence. when you use a moment of silence no one was excluded. and that was perfectly fine and suddenly we turn from that which is not a desize sieve wa decisit something the meetings with the other way of business using
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christian prayers that exclude people. >> the justices recognize that the answe answer is sensitive. >> what about drich drinking yol instead. a san francisco entrepreneur has a complete meal shake for a person's need every day. first there is anticipation and then the meal aroyce. arrives. >> there is a com compelling cae for something that is easy and quick and it fits in very well to a modern lifestyle. >> rob reinhardt calls his product soyatlanta.
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soylant a shake that a human needs to survive. a day's supply will sell for $3. and the target market people like reinhardt who came up with the idea over beers a when they were working 20 hour days at start ups. we talked about how much work and time and o effort went into shoshopping. he lived on nothing else as he tweaked the formula. it provides $2,000-caloryingscar a day's meal. we took it to a food experts. mark is a classically trained chef and designed food ar architect.
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very mil mild and not a huge flr impact. >> he understand that the millenial generation is giving less time to food prep and eating. >> but he would be displayed if the joy of eating was removed from society. >> i would be frankly sorry to see the enjoyment of cutting threw a steak or a nice piece of fish and looking at what happens to it on the plate plate and eng all of the atrick unit attributt would give me. there are more things that would give you protein. soylasoylant is a meal replacemt product there is a biological need for not just tolerating food, but enjoying food. >> if the food i'm eating makes me want to come back and eat it again. i will live longer and i will
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propagate more and my genetic material is not going to be lost. from a biological stand point that is the end game. >> by the end of the year ryan reinhardt plans to ship soy. soylant to the 1500 people that have ordered it. ♪ >> jessica is here with sports and the bullying scandal that keeps in the news. >> another turn to the hazing matter continues. today we learned that martin checked himself into the south florida hospital after leaving the team and for emotional distress. he was there briefly before returning home to his state of california. the n.f.l. is under scrutiny after tony dorsett was diagnosed
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of having cte. it's a condition that is linked to head trauma. >> and in baseball the chicago cups have a necubs have a new m. he was both a player and coach and he was the been of coach-for-the san diego padres. i'm jessica taft. those are your headlines for this hour. plenty more to come after the break.
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>> welcome back too al jazeera america i'm john siegenthaler here is a look at your headlines. >> the woman in charge of says the website needed a few fixes before going on-line. >> kathleen has also said that more repairs are needed, but rejected the idea of taking it down entirely. one republican senator called for her to resign. >> secretary of state john kerry sounded optimistic about the peace talks.
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kerry met with the israeli president and prime minister today and later he met with the leader of the palestinian authority. >> scientists who examined the remains of yasser arafat say it's likely he was poisoned they found a high level of radioactive substance called pulonium. one scientist says he is skeptical of the findings. >> i saw mr. arafat two months bev he died. i came away from that meeting deregulattelling one of his cols that it was probably the last time i would see him alive. he was physically deteriorated and i thought he was not as sharp men i mentally as he had n my previous meetings with him. so when he became sick in september i was not surprised
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when you go to a motive, who would kill mr. arafat, why would you kill someone that was a dying man? why would you kill a dying man. >> that is the question yasser arafat sea's widow has again as. yasser's widow says there are many questions that need to be answered. >> you know it was a very, very strong shock i mean, i'm mourning my husband again now. i'm full of anger. this is a crime, this is an assassination of an elected palestinian leader by his people. >> arafat's body was ex-assumed onex---exhumed one year ago forl jazeera investigation. >> kathleen he i sel bit.
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belus was in the hot seat begin today she faced questions about and the affordable care being a. >> this is unacceptable. iit has been dispointing to hear the members of the they sedidn't see the problems comin. secretary sebelius i have used
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two words. make no mistake i believe in this law secretary sebelius says it's been a miserable five weeks since law launch. >> some have asked why not delay the implementation of the law until it's fixed. >> delaying the affordable care being a won't delay people's cancer or diabetes or parkinson. it didn't le delay the need for screenings. it doesment doesn't delay the fe yours. one of the loudest critics
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was pat roberts of kansas. a long time friend and ally. they are both from ca kansas ane supported her becoming part of president obama's ca cabinet. his tune has changed and he wants you to take responsible. i repeat my request for you to resign. >> they talked about the healthcare law and this is on the minds of many democrats. the success or failure of this healthcare law will be crucial to members will be able to make a case to get re-elected because they have been supporting the law. as for the president going
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behind closed doors to talk to them today. >> our libby katie reporting from washington. >> the president traveled to texas today. he was in dallas today, saying govgovernor rick perry is leavig people without insurance. >> here in dallas area 133,000 peel tha133,000people that don'h insurance would immediately get health insurance without having to go through the website if the state of texas decided to do it. governor perry released a statement saying the president deceived the american people saying that anyone that liked the plan could keep it. he is coming to texas in a
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desperate attempt to salvage his ill-conceived and unpopular program. tess as has the high over the rate of uninsured americans at 23%. t restrevy troy is the fromz odepartment of health and human servicservices. >> we'll come. >> thanks for having me, john. >> what is your take at in the secretary at the senate today. he said don't delay because americans need insurance. what do you say to that? >> there is three take awas from whaawaysfrom what she said toda. >> she said there are hundreds of fixes that need to be made. and second there are low cake te away rates and she is not for any delay in the manned date. man gatmandate.if you don't dele
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penalty and people can't sign up what are you going to do? >> even if they can't sign up from this problematic website. >> she is suggesting that they need the insurance now. >> they need the insurance, but how are they going to get it if the website is so glitchy and it doesn't work. >> there are other ways to get it. you can call and go down and apply. >> yohave you called a governmet number lately? >> i have not, no. >> people on both isles think this is very busines bismal. you can't goat aroun get aroundt that this thing is not working right now. >> you do think this is a good plan for the country? >> do yoido i think obamacare id
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overall. >> if it work th it worked the s intended. >> let's say if the workers' compensatoiwebsite wasmagically. though said we are going to make a website that doesn't work. the law is going to lead to premiums and guess construction. and -- deregulatio destruction. and you are going to have a lot of problems that didn't exist before. >> we had a problematic healthcare system system to beg. >> if you could wave a magic lawn you would replace it today. >> i would have a more march coat based system and more people getting better healthcare. >> what does this mean for the possibility of a healthcare -- just such a plan that you describe. let's just say it's repealed
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eventually, would it be difficult to pass any sort of healthcare plan because obamacare has been tainted? >> it's not that obamacare has been tainted. i think the obama plan was too ex-peexpensive. and it tries to do too many things. i'm a fan of modesty in the policy approach. when you go forward with the plan you should have simpler and not a 270 2700 page law. and tease not 2700 pages but a plan that allowed hem to purchase insurance across state lines and expanded healthcare sails accounts and i'm doing the three things and with the social hassociation that would go a log way to reduce premiums and increase people that have coverage. >> in chicago hundreds of people took to the streets to try to press officals in washington to
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pass immigration reform. community organizers and undocumented immigrants rallied in front of the customs enforcement office. some tried to block the highway in disowe feedsend. the community faith and elected officials joined the immigrants for the emimmigrant rights rallyings for immigration reform. at one point the pr protestors blocblocked the streets in downn chick. they are engaging in civil disowe peedisobedience. >> i want to ask president obama to stop the defortion. deportat. because they are separating our families and they life with our children our parents. and i would also like to ask to give us a vote on aim congratulations reform so our
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families can stay together. oobtuseon tuesday the seven gnad a wail earlier this year. somthis. -- the so much gnat passed a bill earliethethe senate passed. they if hthe republican congresd his g.o.p. colleagues have been unwilling to offer any solutions. it's clear our immigration system is broken and it must be rolldied. the house of representatives is working on small targeted pieces of legislation to advantages ade solutions to these problems. once the border is cleared we can have high skill visa and
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guesswork and get a chance to work with the lieu. >> one way they will be brought into the fold is on the road. the residents will he be able to may ply-for-temporary drivers license. it's something that law americaers will say haik the roads safer for everyone. >> and up next our special week long series champions of the economy how small business people can get the financing they need when the big banks say no. >> and one of the players at the center of the miami dolphins bullying is taken to the hospital. opening doors ... opening possibilities. taking the impossible from lab ... to life. on techknow, our scientists bring you a sneak-peak of the future, and take you behind the
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scenes at our evolving world. techknow - ideas, invention, life. determining using some sort of subjective interpretation of their policy as to whether or not your particular report was actually abusive, because if it doesn't contain language that specifically threatens you directly or is targeted towards you specifically, they may not consider it abuse. they may consider it offensive. and in that case they just recommend that you block that person. >> i don't want to minimise this, because i mean, there's some really horrible things that are on line, and it's not - it's not just twitter, what has happened through social media and the anonymity of the net is that you see websites, hate-filled websites targetting
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all sorts of groups, popping up. there has been a huge number of those that exist as well. [[voiceover]] every day, events sweep across our country. and with them, a storm of views. how can you fully understand the impact unless you've heard angles you hadn't considered? antonio mora brings you smart conversation that challenges the status quo with unexpected opinions and a fresh outlook. including yours. >> a senator under investigation and only al jazeera america is there. uncovering the corruption opening the files... >> are you going to resign if your're indicted? >> breaking the story real reporting, this is what we do... al jazeera america
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we call them champions of the economy tonight we are looking at m micro lending. those people that lend money for their business ventures. microlending is growing in popularity in this country. jennifer licenc london has morem los angeles a farmer in kenya and a weaver in guatemala and a small business owner in hollywood california are ditch different, but they are all connected by dreams and financing. >> i was able to get a loan of 15 k and that is a lot of money to me. at the tile tha time that helpe. i had this $15,000 microloan and i felt i had a enough.
11:47 pm
enough for michael to open, hammer and nails. he knew he had a unique business plan. when he asked for a small business loan from his bank, the answer was, no. there are so many people that could be doing big things. 7 out of 10 business loan applications are denied by banks. >> making a small lo loan invols a lot of cost. and banks are not set up to make this feasible. >> michael elliott found a financial friend at at bcvc. a company who specializes in microfinancing. >> we believe that talent is universal and opportunity is not. >> and through small business financing a few people can start
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their idea today. >> historically microlending has been associated with the developing world. this company launched in africa in 19 75 and it's now spread to key countries. >> they formed a partnership to expand medulla oblongatt microle in los angeles. the home to the large over the number of small businesses in the country. so far they have loaned $400,000 to 63 entrepreneurs. overall small business plays a tremendous role with job creation and holding onto the pan neuraentrepreneurial spiritt gives life to a dream. >> i'm driving down mel rose mee
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and i'm 4eu 46 years old and ise getting a second chance at a new dream small business funded by a small bone can make a ton of difference around the world and right here at home. >> life changing. >> wilwelljessicatafttaft is bah mothemore sports. we have learned that martin has checked himself into the hospital.
11:50 pm
they appointed special counsel to investigate the matter surrounding the dolphins it was coaches that were involved that had incognito to step in. and i asked perkins what role did they want incould g incogni. >> the coaches told ritchie incognito to toughen up martin. the order to ritchie was, "toughen him up" what did they mean to him specifically? they weren't specific left-handt gave that order. maybe ritchie incognito took it too farre. far. they feel johnathan martin handled this the wrong way. it should have been handled
11:51 pm
inter unti envelopelyinternally. >> he should have taken care of it like man. >> he never went to the coach to talk about those things. martin was treated for emotional distress. was this a precautionary thing or did he finally hit that breaking point. >> it seals like he finally hit that breaking point. you know how this all started, or it's a catalyst of where we are now. a week ago monday the entire offense line was sitting down in the cafeteria having lunch averageandit's a tradition thate
11:52 pm
it appears that this was johnathan marc martin's breaking point and opposed do him going to this facility for ma maintene if you will. >> there is a lot of talk in the dolphins organization between the hazing and the stuff that is going on. what is the state of the miami dolphins as they are getting set to have monday night football against tampa right now. >> the players are angry i can tell you that. here is why they are angry. they feel they are being unfairly portrayed as a locker room out of control. as a team devoid of lead irship. >> ir-- leadership and they have this bigoted wri ritchie incognito. the players wanted to speak out in the locker room and set things straight on this stuff. the veteran wide receiver on the
11:53 pm
team says basically sometimes it's the ones that are closest to you that hurt you the moist -- most. and that is meaning johnathan martin of the the players feel they have been uncharacterrized as a team that is devoid of leadership and they are out of touch with each others' feelings and what is going on and they came out today to set the record straight in their port coquitlad deny the allegations and say ritchie incognito is our guy. >> changing gears beforget the two time champion indiana heat is the indiana pacers even with paitheir point guard derick rose back in action. it's the bulls and company. they are pop an poppa shot juste
11:54 pm
of the paint. this is where you see the big center. and end yaw indiana are going te them 78-0. 78-80. >> let's go to the clippers and facing the magic orlando's new big man. a monster in the paint. both sides of the ball and they had 21 boards along with six down the stretch to seal the deal magic beat the clippers 90 to 80 in that one. >> the aba. >> that is how far back they had to go. >> i don't even remember that. >> there is a couple of good players that came from there. all right, jessica. thank
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